Friday, September 18, 2009

Fall Schedule is Filling Up!

Fall is in the air! School is back is session, and it's the perfect time to book Grey Seal for an appearance!

Grey Seal Puppets performs over 250 shows a year in schools, theatres, and libraries. Our repertoire includes everything from familiar stories to original works—each uniquely staged and presented. Interested in having us come to your school? We have teachers’ study guides available for all our productions.

Grey Seal Puppets performs nationwide at such prestigious theatres as The Smithsonian Institution, The Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta. We've also been honored with the N.C. Theatre Arts Award, the Puppeteers of America President’s Award, and three UNIMA-USA Citations of Excellence in Puppetry.

You can find a list of all our current touring shows on our website. Why wait another minute? Contact us today at or give us a call at 704-521-2878!

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