Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Salsa Cinderella Comes To Children's Theatre of Charlotte!

It's been a long hot summer-- but we know just how you can cool off and spice things up at the same time! Come see Grey Seal Puppets perform Salsa Cinderella at Children's Theatre of Charlotte August 21-22!

This classic tale of love and footwear is told with a spicy twist! All the familiar characters are re-imagined as ingredients in a jar of salsa! Peppers, onions, garlic, and of course, tomatoes, all make up the ingredients of this spicy cast!

The salsa thickens when the stubborn Prince refuses to change the way he has always danced, despite the many different styles of dance going on throughout his kingdom. His way of dancing is the only way he recognizes. Until the big Palace Fiesta, that is. It’s there that Cinderella inspires the Prince to try other types of dancing. Cinderella learns that a certain amount of tradition is always a good thing too. And then the Bell Pepper tolls midnight. . .

Experience this timeless classic re-told with Latin American flavor! An original musical score by Charlotte composer John Alexander will have you fighting the urge to mambo in the aisles. A dazzling array of rod puppets and shadow puppets all join in the quest to find the foot that fits a simple sandal made out of tortilla chip. This show is sure to delight the salsa fan in everyone! Pass the nachos, please!

Tickets are available through the Children's Theatre website.

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